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Have you ever noticed that 90 percent of public restrooms have the toilet tissue roll dispenser in the same exact location – “Low and to the left”.

Now I ask you…  Is that really the prime location for toilet paper?  I say no!  Does anyone really enjoy bending over and attempting to pull tissue off of a very tight roll?  Half of the time the tissue is so thin it breaks with every pull.  And, more often that not it is positioned in such a way, as to almost break the wrist in order to get any off of the roll.

Yes, my fellow men and women, I am calling for a complete revolt.  We should not have to put up with badly located toilet tissue rolls anymore, we must fight the power.  Furthermore, the rolls are always placed on the wrong side of the stall.  No, I am not discriminating against left handed folks, but the majority of toilet tissue pullers are right handed, yet the tissue is always on the left side of the stall.  I just don’t get it.  If I designed software the way bathroom designers design restrooms I would be penniless.

So the answer is simple:

  1. Place the tissue dispensers a little higher so we can reach up in a natural movement, not so low that the back of our hands scrape the floor with each pull.
  2. Place the dispenser on the right – not on the left side of the stall.
  3. Not all of us are 5 foot 5.  Last I checked the average height of American Men was approaching 5-11.  Let’s get with the plan people, make the stalls larger.

Okay that is it – end of rant.  Please by all means – Chime in!