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Yesterday I was searching for some examples of how to use javascript to do image rollover’s and I came accross this post ( I don’t know the guy that wrote the post and I have no experience with javascript or for that matter CSS or modern HTMl, that being said, I was truly taken back by the negativity of the comments.

Before I continue I would like to clarify that my background is in enterprise software development, in other words, business apps. I have never been in the business of making things pretty. I have been in the business of making useful tools.

I was exploring image rollovers for use in a business application that I am developing and I am not sure at this point what the operating system would be or for that matter how I intend to deploy the app. I do know that I would like to use javascript, rollover concepts.

The post that I mentioned earlier did a decent job of explaining the basic concepts of javascript image rollovers. And as I said that angry mob that slammed him in the comment section was ridiculous. As I read the comments all I could think was how limited the viewpoint was. Javascript can be used in so many different ways, including business apps and games. All the comments were totally slanted to web applications.

For someone like me that just wants to learn how to do Javascript rollovers, I didn’t care if the example was best practices or if the solution could have been handled with CSS, I just wanted an example of image rollovers, and the post explained it nicely.

So for those of you that bash other peoples examples, without realizing the world of possibilities where the example may apply – shame on you. And to celebrate your arrogance and closed mindedness, I have created a cartoon just for you.

By the way are all web developers that puffed up?